Reach Mellow Leg Massager - Air Compression Leg Foot Calf Massage Machine For Pain Relief At Home Jomo

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Brand : Reach
Type : Massager
Colour : ‎Black

About the product :

  • Reach (a GlobalBees brand)
  • HUMAN HAND TECHNOLOGY - Jomo is scientifically designed in a way to reproduce the hand movements of human massaging. The Optimum timing, holding and motion of air bag pressure to recreate the techniques learned from professional. Air Bags are developed to provide the same pleasant sensation as when a targeted spot is massaged by hand.
  • INTENSITY LEVELS - Jomo foot and leg massager has 3 intensity levels to match the air pressure strength level that fits your relaxation need. Choose from low intensity, medium intensity, and high intensity. We recommend using the massager starting from low intensity and then adjust to your comfortability from there
  • 360 DEGREE MASSAGE - A squeezing 360-degree massage covering entire leg along human hand air bag makes it one the most effective massager to replicate human hand massage experience.
  • HANDHELD CONTROLLER - Jomo can easily be controlled via the included handheld controller, choosing from 3 air pressure strength levels & 2 modes. It’s powered by a 12V/1A power supply and is safe and reliable to use. This product has a warranty of 6 months.

Product Description

Reach JOMO leg foot calf thigh massager. Air Compression massager for pain relief
JOMO Reach air compression massager
Reach Jomo Massager


NOTE* - Air Compression Leg Massager is designed to simulate hands compressing and squeezing, it helps to relax our legs. It doesn't have rollers inside. It works with Air Compression Technology. Please consult a doctor if you are pregnant, suffer from skin infections, use a pacemaker, or another serious medical condition.


STEP-1 Take Leg Wraps and check for marking L and R.

STEP-2 Insert the 2 Hose Connectors to the Controller. Please keep check on L and R marking.

STEP-3 Connect Power Adapter into the Controller.

STEP-4 Connect the power adapter to the Socket.

STEP-5 Put On Leg Wraps, Put your legs into the proper place. "L" is for the left foot and "R" is for the right foot. Don't wrap the Foot and Leg Air Compression Massager too tight. It compresses so it is recommended to leave a gap up to 4 fingers.

STEP-6 Press Start Button on the Controller.

STEP-7 Select the intensity level and modes.

STEP-8 Relax and Enjoy Your Massage.

Reach Mellow Massager Reach Cozy Foot Massager Jomo Leg Massager Reach Joy Foot Massager reach bliss leg massager
Mellow Cozy Jomo Joy Bliss
Coverage Calf and Foot Calf, Foot and Thigh Calf Foot Calf and Foot
Rollers - - -
360 degree (all sides) Massage - -
Massage Intensities and Modes 3 intensity levels; Sequence Mode / Whole Mode 3 intensity levels; 3 modes 3 intensity levels; 2 modes 3 intensity levels; 3 modes 3 intensity levels; 3 modes
Adaptability of Use (on different body parts) - - -
Auto Timer 20 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes
Product Dimensions (in cm) 42*26.5 73*72 63.5*25.4 40*55*29 48*39*48
Portability - -
Cord Wire Length 2 metre extended cord 2 metre extended cord 2 metre extended cord 2 metre extended cord 2 metre extended cord
Power Supply 12V/1A 12V/1A 12V/1A - -

Detailed Specifications:

Manufacturer : Reach
Colour : Black
Brand : Reach
Color : ‎Black
Net Quantity : 1 count
Item Weight : 1 kg 100 g
Batteries Included : ‎Yes
Style : Jomo
Country Of Origin : ‎China
Reach Mellow Leg Massager - Air Compression Leg Foot Calf Massage Machine For Pain Relief At Home Jomo
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