Glutalight Elbow & Knee Lightening Cream with 1% Glutathione, 1% Arbutin, 1% Kojic Acid -Delicate Skin Care for Brighter & Softer Skin- 50gm
POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: - 1%Glutathione , 1%Arbutin , 1% Kojic Acid , 1% Scutellarin , 1% Saxifrage Flowers , that will help llighten, soften and moisturize your elbows and knees. It has the right amount of natural extracts to nourish the...
Rs.550.00 Rs.371.00
Glutalight Neck Firming Cream with .01% Glutathione, 2% Vitamin C, 0.01% Vitamin E, 1% Niacinamide, 1% Kojic Acid - Modifies Uneven Skin Shade and Brightens Skin - 50gm
POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: - 01%Glutathione , 2%Vitamin C ,0.01% Vitamin E , 1% Niacinamide ,1% Kojic Acid , that will helps in Improves skin's resilience and tonicity, modifies uneven shade, Moisturizes and brightens skin PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN: - Vitamin C help...
Rs.400.00 Rs.299.00
Glutalight Under Arm Cream For Removes Black Spot & Warts - 50 gm
POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: - 1%Niacinamide , 1%Gotu Kola , 0.01%Kojic Acid & 0.01%Glutathione that will helps in Removing Rashes and Black Spots from Underarm PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN: - Gotu kola helps preventing any kind of infection and in perfecting uneven skin...
Rs.400.00 Rs.299.00
Glutalight Skin Lightening Soap with 1% Glutathione - Reduces Dark spots, Age Marks -for Skin Brightening – 75GM
POWERFUL INGREDIENT: - 1% Glutathione that will helps to Get Brighter and Healthy Skin, Regulated Pigment Production, Improves Skin Elasticity, All Types Hyper Pigmented Skin PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN: - Glutathione as a high antioxidant that can maintain healthy skin cells...
Rs.300.00 Rs.219.00
Glutalight Skin Lightening Deep Cleansing Face Wash with 2% Glutathione, 1% Kojic acid, 1% Arbutin, 3% Papaya extract- For Healthier & Firmer Skin- Paraben & Gluten Free - 60ml
POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: - 2%Glutathione , 1%Kojic acid , 1% Arbutin, 3% Papaya extract that will helps in Regular cleansing is essential to keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy, Deep cleansing Facial Foam Creamy Face Wash. PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN: -...
Rs.550.00 Rs.399.00
Glutalight Skin Lightening Serum with 2% Glutathione, 1% Arbutin, 3% Papaya Extract and 1% Kojic Acid- for Rejuvenated and Youthful Skin - 30ml
POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: - 2%Glutathione , 1%Arbutin , 3%Papaya Extract ,1% Kojic Acid , that will helps in Blemishes Reduces Wrinkles, Scars & Smoother The Skin. PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN: - Glutalight Skin Lightening Serum Helps to Produce Pronounced and Long-Lasting Rejuvenation...
Rs.900.00 Rs.679.00
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