The Butternut Co. Premium Seedless Green Raisins 250g

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Brand : The Butternut Co.
Type : Dry fruits
Size : 250 gms
Weight : 250Grams

About the product :

  • GOOD HEALTH MEETS GREAT TASTE : Hygienically Packed | 100% Natural | Freshness Guaranteed
  • Why Raisins are #BetterForYou? A handful of these are a great source of iron, calcium and vitamin C
  • They contain soluble fibre that supports healthy digestion
  • Raisins (Khishmish) maintain healthy eye and bone health
  • These contain anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties
  • Contain phytochemicals that could promote healthy teeth and gums
  • Make for a deliciously healthy & naturally sweet snack!
  • Did you know raisins are a great source of iron, calcium and Vitamin C? They are all-natural, cholesterol-free & fat-free! \"

Product Information

Hand-picked Raisins (Kishmish) are packaged in a releasable pouch to maintain freshness. They are nutrient dense, high in fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. How to use: Add these to your breakfast cereal, smoothies, salads or over ice cream. Eat by itself on the go. A handful of these golden raisins makes for a healthy & filling snack. An anytime, anywhere snack! About the Company: The Butternut Co. was born out of a firm desire to create food that is #BetterForYou. Through days of kitchen experiments we found the sweet spot where health meets taste. And thus our delicious range of nut butters, nuts & energy balls was born! We eliminated the sugar We used lots of nuts and loaded up on heart healthy fats We used only real & clean ingredients We made sure there's enough protein We added natural, unprocessed sweeteners but only where they were necessary With a firm belief that people should be carefree when it comes to food, The Butternut Co. raises a spoon filled with goodness to you! QUALITY ASSURED: We have complete control over our in-house manufacturing process. Ingredients: Extra Long Green Raisins (Grade AAA)

Detailed Specifications:

Package Dimensions : 16 x 8 x 23 cm; 250 Grams
Size : 250 gms
Manufacturer : Pepper Health Pvt Ltd;
Weight : 250Grams
Brand : The Butternut Co.
Item Length : 16 cm
Item Height : 23 cm
Ingredients : Extra Long Green Raisins (Grade AAA)
Country Of Origin : IN
The Butternut Co. Premium Seedless Green Raisins 250g
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