UrbanGabru Clay Hair Wax : Zero to Infinity- Strong Hold - Volume - Hair Style (Hair Wax 100 Gm)

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Brand : Urbangabru
Type : Hair styling agent
Scent : Unscented

About the product :

  • Now available in white colour: Effortless All-Day Style - UrbanGabru's Zero to infinity Clay Hair Wax is a strong formula designed to give you the hairstyle you want quickly and easily while making sure it sticks around all day. This wax gives strong hold to your hairs.
  • Short to Medium Hair Types - You'll see awesome results when used on shorter to medium length hair. Whether the style you're looking for is classic, vintage, modern, messy, spiky or dapper, this wax makes it easy to get at home without worrying about needing salon or barber tools.
  • Minimal to Matte Finish & Texture and easy to wash- UrbanGabru's hair wax leaves behind a classic matte finish in any style and texture without leaving behind excess oil. It's also easy to wash off, which means you can keep your style as long as you want but can easily rinse it out when you're done. You won't have to worry about lingering residue or having to rinse multiple times to clean your hair.
  • Added Natural & Organic Ingredients - This styling Clay wax is filled with natural and organic ingredients Vitamin E & Earth Clay which adds fullness to hair fibres that is essential to nearly any hairstyle. It also includes Almond oil to restore the natural oils to your hair that can sometimes be lost with regular cleansing and styling.
  • A Powerful Wax from a Brand You Can Depend On - With UrbanGabru, you won't need to worry about putting mystery ingredients in your hair and skin. This product is loaded with only the finest ingredients around to ensure you'll have your ideal hairstyle.

Product Description

Upgrade Yourself!!

Upgrade Yourself!

Styles your hair naturally!

Infinity Hair Wax

Why use UrbanGabru Zero to Infinity Hair Wax?

Infinity Hair Wax

Long-lasting hold

It holds your hair in style for 8 hours. Doesn’t matter whether your hair is straight, curly or wavy, it suits them all & makes your hair rise.

Infinity Hair Wax

Matte Finish

Today matte is the new vibrant. It will not only make your look classier but will also help you own the space you step into.

Infinity Hair Wax

Water Soluble

It makes your hair styling a hassle-free experience. Whether you apply it in the morning or remove it after a long day, it’s going to be effortless

Infinity Hair Wax

Made with Natural Ingredients

We care for your hair! This Wax is a mix of Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Earth Clay. These ingredients give you much more than just a charming look.

How to use it?

Own the look that you’ve always longed for in 4 simple steps

Own the look that you’ve always longed for in 4 simple steps:

Step-1: Take a pea-sized amount of wax on your finger

Step-2: Rub it on your palms

Step-3: Apply it through the strands of your hair

Step-4: Style as you like

For how many hours does the wax stay?

The wax stays for at least 8-10 hours.

Does this wax give a glossy or matte finish?

The wax gives a matte finish.

Is this wax re-styleable?

No, the wax is not re-styleable. Apply it once and you are done for the day.

Can this wax be washed easily?

Yes, this wax is water-soluble and it can be washed with water.

Is this wax safe for my hair?

Yes, this wax is made with natural ingredients and is absolutely safe for use.


earth clay,almond oil,vitamin-E"


start with a fingertip amount,rub it between your hands,run fingers through your hair from the roots all the way out,styles as you like

Detailed Specifications:

Scent : Unscented
Manufacturer : AANC
Brand : Urbangabru
Hair Type : All
Product Dimensions : 15 x 10 x 5 cm; 100 Grams
Net Quantity : 100.0 gram
Liquid Volume : 10 Centilitres
Item Weight : 100 g
Item Form : Wax
Country Of Origin : India
UrbanGabru Clay Hair Wax : Zero to Infinity- Strong Hold - Volume - Hair Style (Hair Wax 100 Gm)
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