15 Min Beauty Hack for a Clear & Radiant Skin

If you're looking for the best way to keep your skin clear and blackheads-free, nose strips are the answer. They can be used as often as you like and will help you get rid of those pesky blackheads that are plaguing your nose. You do not have to use harsh scrub on your nose every now and then to make it red. All you need to do is use the Urban Gabru Nose Strips for 15 minutes, you will be able to get rid of blackheads.

How to use Nose Strips?

Clean your face with a mild cleanser, then dry it. Apply the nose strip on your nose, smooth it out with your fingers and let it dry for 15 minutes (or more if necessary). Peel off the strip carefully, rinse your nose with water. Follow up with the BHA Serum and voilà! You're done! Urban Gabru Charcoal Nose Pore Strips is one of the best nose strips for blackhead and whiteheads.

The charcoal nose strips are affordable, easy to use, and effective. But most importantly: it's gentle on the skin!

Urban Gabru Charcoal Nose Pore Strips

What are the benefits of using a Nose Strip?

  1. REMOVES BLACKHEADS/WHITEHEADS: Those pesky black/whiteheads sitting on your nose forever can now be removed in just 15 minutes. It also removes the dirt, impurities and excess oil that has accumulated on the skin.
  2. COMES WITH BHA SERUM: These nose blackhead removal strips come with a BHA serum that nourishes the open pores once the impurities are removed. It prevents any kind of dryness on the skin. The BHA in the serum helps to reduce sebum production, which can prevent future blackheads from forming.
  3. MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Urban Gabru nose strips for blackheads that are specially formulated with natural ingredients like charcoal, witch hazel, and aloe vera to deeply clean and revitalize your skin from the inside out.
  4. EASY TO USE: In as little as 10 to 15 minutes, using Urban Gabru Nose Strips, you can get rid of those nasty blackheads that have been sitting on your nose forever.

How Often Can you use a Nose Strip?

You should not use more than twice a week, though this can be increased if you feel like you need it or if your skin has breakouts, use it in combination with Urban Gabru Acne Pimple Patch.

Make sure to use them before bedtime so they have time to work their magic!

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