Ultimate De-Tanning Guide for Men

De-tanning is a must for men. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes in your life! We are often judged based on the color of our skin, so we want to make sure that our skin is clear and free of any unwanted tan.

There is little hope of avoiding the sun when we have to get out for work and travel. The strong sunlight and UV rays can cause skin damage. UV rays combined with dust can cause tanning and other skin problems. Urban Gabru De-tan Combo is a saviour against unwanted tan removal for men. It includes Hair Removal Spray & De-tan Face Pack. These products rejuvenate the skin's inner brightness, removing the daily consequences of heat, dust, and pollution.

The De-tan Combo products instantly helps in removal of sun tan and reveals your skin's inner glow, reviving it from daily wear and tear. These products are free of paraben and sulphate, and are dermatologically tested.

Ultimate De-Tanning Guide for Men

What are the benefits of De-tanning for Men?

  1. MAKES YOUR FACE HEALTHY & GLOWING: Urban Gabru De-tan Face Pack is enriched with Vitamin C and contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera extracts. It protects the skin from damage caused by pollution and UV rays, and also minimizes scars caused by acne. It brightens and evens the complexion, making it suitable for uneven skin tone.
  2. INSTANT RESULTS IN 10-15 MINS: The Urban Gabru Hair Removal Spray & De-Tan Face Pack Combo works instantly to give you smooth tan-free skin caused by excessive sun exposure & pollution, while being gentle on skin.
  3. REMOVES SUNTAN: It helps to remove suntan, dirt, dead skin, and excess oil to reveal healthy and glowing skin. It has anti-oxidant like Vitamin C and anti-bacterial properties, which make it free from acne and oiliness.

How to de-tan in 3 easy steps?

Step 1: Use the Hair Removal Spray to remove unwanted hair and tan caused by sun exposure. All you need to do is spray and wait for 10-15 minutes, then remove the hair with cloth or tissue in opposite directions of hair growth. UrbanGabru hair remover spray will remove hair from the chest, legs, hands, back and armpits.

Step 2: After using the hair removal spray, apply the Vitamin C and aloe vera enriched De-Tan Pack. Remove after 15 min and say hello to tan-free skin!

Step 3: Lastly, use this combo once every week for excellent results!

De-tanning for men is the best way to get that golden glow. It is important to note that de-tanning at home is different than for women, so make sure you follow our tips.

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